Furniture Gallery Antigua


Home is where the heart is, and everything else too, that’s why it’s critical to keep your appliances running smoothly, and The Furniture Gallery can help with that.

We carry replacement parts and accessories for your home appliances. Our safe and genuine parts will have you back in your routine in no time.

Our parts stock includes suspensions, lid locks or latches, control boards, gaskets, adapters, burners, conversion kits, filters, surge protectors, air conditions parts and so much more.


Affresh® appliance care is committed to continually developing intelligent solutions to solve the tough cleaning situations and challenges created by modern living. From dishwashers to washing machines, affresh® provides a clean you can count on.Affresh® washing machine cleaner deep cleans to help remove odor-causing residues and buildup that can form in machines over time.From breaking up residues in your washing machine and powering away limescale in your dishwasher to keeping your cooktop and stainless steel appliances sparkling, affresh® helps keep your appliances maintained and looking like new.

At The Furniture Gallery we carry:

  • Affresh Washing Machine Cleaner
  • Affresh Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • Affresh Appliance Spray Cleaner
  • Affresh Cook Top Cleaner


  • Ice Machine Cleaner
  • Stone Care International Countertop Wipes
  • Stone Care International Countertop Sealer
  • Stone Care International Countertop Spray Cleaner
  • Countertop Polish
  • Countertop Cleaner



Customers can place special orders for appliance and air condition parts. Customers are required to make a 50% down payment before the order is placed. Customers are also required to provide the model number of the appliance as well as the name and model number of the part requested. The wait time for parts many vary due to shipping constraints brought on by the pandemic.